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Friday, July 1, 2011

More "wild" life

Now, for this little show, I've selected wildlife from two separate continents. The first few are from Costa Rica, where the wildlife is truly that - it is wild, and for the last two, I've chosen two shots of wild life from India, where we were much more civilized tourists, and (in this case the monkeys) had adapted quite well to our intrusions, still quite wild, but very much the tamer. And the last is, of course, some elephants, which are quite tame, in the hands of their mahouts.


  1. I love wildlife, and for a moment these pictures took me to the wilderness. I especially liked the one with elephants -- it has an air of time travel to the past.

  2. I love the background with the butterfly. Great pictures.

  3. Thanks, folks, your comments do keep me going!

  4. I love the elephants best. It is a dream of mine to ride one someday. They are the largest of land mammals. Awesome...