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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Randomness from India

I was looking through some of our India pictures, and I was struck by an incredible sense of variety in the day-to-day events unfolding around us. From the people, the architecture, and the daily ebb and flow of life in general. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Importance of the "accessory" camera

This time, my friends, I would like to make a case for an "accessory" camera as an important part of your travels. And not just "any old camera," but one that can take quality photos. And we have such a camera. My wife is usually managing the "accessory," and she is generally the one who takes the "people pictures" in order to document that we were where we said, and didn't just buy the photos. But to be perfectly honest, the accessory camera can be extraordinarily useful, if someone offers to "take a picture of you two," and you'd just as soon not had them something like your digital SLR, where you have to "look through here, and then focus with this knob." You get the picture, so to speak.
Anyway, these were all taken with our little Olympus EPL 1, which does take magnificent photos, but comes to the forefront, especially with the scenario above, or when you would really like to photograph that hole in the ice, but don't want to risk your main equipment. ;)