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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Word to Those Following my Picture Blog

Hello, and welcome to my picture blog. As you can tell, going through my pictures, many are from Costa Rica, many are from Alaska. Now we've taken many trips before, and I've taken many (thousands) of photos along the way. However, these represent but a few of the photographs taken since I have gotten a digital camera system, actually, a couple of systems.
My wife and I went to Costa Rica in 2009. This is a country I have wanted to go back to ever since I went there in college (1971). It has changed much, but it retains its innate picturesque qualities, in part thanks to the national pastime of "ecotourism," taken very seriously there. The rain forests, volcanos, seacoasts, mountains, coffee, bananas and pineapple all play a role in making it unforgettable.
Then we went this year on a cruise to Alaska, and took one of our grandchildren with us. What can you say about Alaska, except that it is absolutely magnificent, especially places like Glacier Bay and College Fjords, and with side trips into the towns, and into the Yukon. The pictures can say so much more than I can describe in words.
Anyway, please enjoy.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Some "passengers" going to Glacier Bay, Alaska