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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OK, so this theme is Pelicans at sunset. In the first picture you can get a sense of the bird's true dimensions. In the second picture, you have to strain to see that they are even there. In the third and fourth pictures, it is their interaction with their environment that makes the pictures what they are. And the last is perhaps my favorite pelican picture of all time, just because.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Travelogue, Part Three (more people and things)

OK, at the risk of boring you, I thought that I'd continue my theme of travelogue. This one, of course was through northern India, a 'hot spot' of tourism. But this one is a bit different. The first picture is of some happy-go-lucky folks on a common method of transport through the crowded city streets of Jaipur. The next picture is very 'touristy,' in that it displays one of the entertainers of Rajastan, who was nothing less than the Michael Jackson of Rajastan, oh well. The third picture shows a mother and her less than thrilled child at the temple of Lakshmi in Jaipur - quite a contrast. The next picture is of the famous Amber Fort outside Jaipur, which, of course includes the elephants. And the last does not require any explanation, except that it is not the typical viewpoint, to see the Taj.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Travelogue, Part Two (this one with people)

OK, in this travelogue, I do have pictures of people. These are some of the shots I took in India, and while in India, the people are a very large part of the 'scenery.' The first shot is a busy outdoor market on the streets of New Delhi. The second is much more for the tourists, and features a shop selling numerous hand-knotted carpets of unimaginable intricacy and beauty. The third features the tomb of multiple dead Muslim persons of royalty (notice, no live people in this shot). The next shot features a couple of very lively persons on the street in Jaipur. The next one is a bit personal and features my lovely wife, enjoying the scenery from our bus. And the last one is a family of street people, cleaning up after supper in Jaipur.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travelogue, Part one

What do you photograph when you travel? Well, I do take the occasional picture of the people involved, as is evident from the second photo, but mostly I take pictures of 'the scenery,' much to the dismay of my wife, who often gets relegated to taking the 'people pictures.' I'll admit it. I am more mentally equipped to take pictures of what is surrounding us. Forgive me, but I'm just not that good at those intimate shots. These were taken in one of our scenic trips into the Yukon Territory of Canada, and as we are going to go back to Canada in September, I thought that I'd share these with you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Because, Part Two

Again, sometimes we take pictures, just because something catches our eye, for no particular rhyme or reason. These pictures are examples of that. The first one was just that the scenery outside our bus caught my eye, and seemed to express the essence of driving through the wilds of Alaska. The second was a scene in Costa Rica, in which the two girls were playing in the boat, oblivious to us and the world in general. The third was right out in our own garden here in Oklahoma, and the columbines just caught my attention. And the last is one of my favorite flower pictures, just growing by the side of our path.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A walk in the Forest, Part Two

Continuing on, what you may see, when you walk in the forest, may be as startling as the view from the top of the hill, or as mundane as the log with the life forms all around it, or you might even see some creatures of the forest, but it is never the same, and never, ever boring.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A walk in the Forest, Part One

I just felt like taking a walk in the forest after this week, and its big city stresses, so here are some of my favorite forest scenes, part one.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's in the details.

Sometimes, it's the details that we might just overlook that make up the incredible photo opportunities. In the first photo, just the absolute perfection of the handcrafted stonework of centuries past can speak to us. In the second and third photos, its the flowers all around us that can really say something poetically and photographically. In the third picture, just the relaxed interaction between my wife and the lady tying the fringe on the hand-knotted rug, makes for a most interesting photographic encounter. And in the last one, we return to the incredible detail of the palace of mirrors that spoke to me.