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Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Close up stuff

Sometimes, when in a scenic place, it's hard not to be too distracted by the grandeur to see the majesty at your feet. These are some close-ups that I have taken along the way. The first image comes from Washington state, looking out at the San Juan straits, but there, right in front are the magnificent rhododendrons, that catch your eye. The second picture is from the beaches of California, but not a picture of the beach, but rather the succulents growing on a rock. The next picture is of the mighty redwoods, but again, not what typically catches your eye. The next one is of my daughter (now 33 yrs old) - I wonder if she has seen this in years. The next picture is of a butterfly is some garden in Ohio. And the last picture was taken in some beautiful state park in Tennessee. So, you see, there is more out there than scenery, but believe me, you'll get plenty of that as well.


  1. Nope, she hasn't seen that one in years, but I've always liked it.

    - The daughter

  2. Again a lovely set of pictures. When I view them large, they really look superb!!

  3. I especially love the delicate beauty of the butterfly and the last flower, which appear wrapped in the mist.