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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More "just because"

It's time for another "just because" session. Now, as I last posted, some photos just sit for a while, but after some experimentation, seem to say something to me, and these are examples of that. Now, the first photo is one that I think says, in language unspoken "Costa Rica." While the second one says this is what I love about our own backyard. The next three are from India - the first is from the Amber Fort near Jaipur, and its lines I find extremely appealing. The next one says "Indian marketplace" as none other (and it is the one picture in this series that I've posted before). The third picture is from the Taj Mahal, but looking back to the South Gate. Now the next one is of a familiar scene from Alaska, but was not shown, because it needed some "tweaking". And the last one is really "just because."


  1. I like the top one,is that trees in the front of the picture?

    That marketplace is so crowded.I have never been in a crowd like that.Is it hard to walk around?

  2. Always love your pictures from India, so "just because" works perfectly for me.
    And the flowers on the second picture - so simple but so beautiful. Thanks

  3. Alex, yes, those are trees in the foreground. The path we were on took us up a hill, and we could see off in the distance, with the volcano off to the left, and the clouds rolling in - it was really special. And yes, it's quite a challenge to move about in a market like that.
    Marie, it's always so nice of you to stop by, and those flowers are simply there - such comfort in seeing them.

  4. You have a good collection of beautiful pictures from India. I will agree that is is somewhat difficult going about through the bazaars, and more so if you are a foreigner.

  5. What lovely pictures! Incredible, but I've just taken a picture very similar to the second one, even the flowers look alike, which means the same things catch our eye. I love the atmosphere of romanticism about Taj Mahal shrouded in haze and the fortress. Marketplaces are probably the most picturesque places of a country, especially Asian ones, and this one is buzzing with life.

  6. Thanks so much for visiting, and for your comments. We are going to the Canadian Rockies in a couple of weeks, and I hope to bring back some more spectacular photos for you folks. And I also thought about making some of my older slides digital, so I'd have something extra to share.