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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fixing things

OK, I've got a confession to make - I really like digital photography because I can play with the images. Not every picture one takes is going to turn out perfect, or even acceptable, but digital photography allows some spectacular results, from pretty ordinary pictures. These are all taken from our trip to Costa Rica, and represent "easy fixes." The first set is at the Poas Volcano, looking down into the crater, and I thought that the picture was OK, but needed some enhancing, so I just adjusted down the shadows, and I think it became better. In the second set, I had just not gotten close enough to the subject to make it stand out, but photoshop to the rescue, and we have a much more enjoyable image. The third set makes the photograph of something ordinary into something extraordinary. And the last set takes an "OK" photograph, and just by concentrating on the part of the picture of interest, makes it so much more enjoyable.


  1. I like how you can fix things with your photo's.You are just doing what you should do imo. The butterfly is better as a close up and positioning as the others are better with lighting and focuses improved (:

    Photographers are artists.

  2. Hey, Alex, and thank you for commenting. I often consider my photographs like my paintings, and I'm not satisfied until the picture is "Just right." ;)