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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

India, another look

All right, it's back to India, with a slightly different take on the matter of tourism. The first picture is from the Qtub Minar complex, and represents a not often photographed scene, which I just happened to find rather appealing. The next picture is of the Temple of Lakshmi, in Jaipur, and represents taking the photo without any artificial light, and obviously without a tripod, yet there is something about the photograph that is very appealing, though perhaps not of professional quality. The next is of an outdoor market that could only be in India - if only we could import the sounds, smells and feel of the place. The next is one of numerous roadblocks along the highway - which just forces one to take out the camera and shoot, rather than be in any hurry. The next two are obvious - the Taj at sunrise, but how those two people got in there, I'll never know. And the last is, well...


  1. Great photos! Yes, the smells and sounds would make the experience for sure, but the colours are great in that picture. Much more vibrant and alive than any of the supermarkets we have here.

    The last picture is great too. I'm trying to figure out who/what he is though....a holy man of some type?

  2. Great pictures. So which all places have you been to in India?

  3. These are really nice, I wish I will have a chance to visit India some days.

  4. @SJCT that last picture is of a Sadhu, or holy man, which are fairly common throughout India, though I never did figure out what constitutes how to become a Sadhu - possibly some sort of training is involved.

    @Ramakant I've been to a number of places in India, though most of the places I've been, I was there pre 1965. I grew up in rural Maharashtra, but I did attend boarding school in the south - in Kodaikanal. More recently, we've been to the great tourist triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, and these are the only places that I have digital photographs of.

    @Bay Thanks for your comments, and India is definitely worth the trip.

  5. I with you on the first picture, I love those out of the way scenes, something unremarkable to most but maybe especially dynamic to you at the moment of the shot.

  6. Amazing! I am spellbound again at discovering my home through your lens!

  7. I would love to visit India someday. It looks so colorful at the outdoor market.

    Great pics.