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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What does it feel like? India, part one.

This post is, very naturally, different from the last one. When you go visit India, you can be prepared to see all the magnificent temples and forts, but along the way you run into the real India, which is made up of people. So, my next two or three posts will feature a lot of people, for they are what India "feels like." In photo number 1 we are in the giant mosque in old Delhi, and it's hard not to feel like an intruder. Picture number 2 is a street scene, but it is the man, who appears to be enjoying a moment of reverie, and again we feel like intruders. In photo number 3, we have a colorful market, and here we don't feel that same intrusiveness, rather we want to stop and sample some fruit. In photos 4 - 6 we are whisking through the busy streets, enjoying the bustle and little dramas that unfold before us. In picture number 7, we are the action, as a gifted salesman convinces us that here, at last is that oriental masterpiece to grace our living quarters. And photo number 8, is one of my own favorites. It shows us the street life with which India teems. The look on the man's face, who rides by in absolute dignity, with his one leg, caring for his two children in back, says that he is there, full of sorrow, pain and life itself. And such is India.


  1. This is a great collection of superb pictures. Love the little description for each picture. It's like each one of these is linked to a story of its own. The last one is especially moving.

  2. I love your photos of India, it feels like discovering the real atmosphere of this place. It feels like being part of these people's life just for a couple of seconds. Looking forward the next parts......

  3. It is actually with some humility that I present these pictures, because each tells something of a story (or a bit of one), and I feel like I'm using their images with permission. And I have to guard their stories.

  4. Oh Drachma, I am posting about India at the moment. Isn't it a truly wonderful country?! I know what you mean about taking photos of people - I always ask their permission, especially if I know I'm going to use it in my blog.

    Your photos are wonderful, as always, and really capture the true essence of India: the locals.

  5. Brilliant rendition of scenes of picturesque exotic life! Each and every one of them is like a pause in a flow of narration. I especially love the first one -- it reminds me of old paintings.