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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Places I've been (sort of)

Now, it may seem odd that an amateur photographer would be showing some of the places he's been, not with photographs, but with paintings. But in reality, the experience of being somewhere often cannot be captured adequately with photography, and that's where painting sometimes can simply "get it" in ways that photographs just cannot.
Pictures number 1 and 2 are a couple of my reminiscences of Costa Rica. You may notice some of the similarities to photographs I have taken, but there is just something more (I think) in the brush strokes, and the layers of paint that oil painting produces. Picture number three is from our first trip to Alaska, and while the photographs from there are wonderful, there was something more that I wanted to say, which I could only say in a painting. Picture number 4 is of a walk that I took in Michigan, and I had no camera with me, so it's purely from memory. Picture number 5 is the oldest one here, and again I had no camera with me, and represents my impressions of a scene from Coshockten, Ohio. Likewise picture number 6 was from a briefly glimpsed scene in West Virginia, which I carried around in my little brain for years before putting in down on canvas. And finally, picture number 7 actually represents three separate scenes that I remember, which I incorporated into one painting (Tennessee, Michigan and Arkansas).


  1. Wow!! I didn't know you were a talented painter in addition to being an exceptional photographer. Lovely paintings. #6 reminded me of a place I have been to in Brevard, NC.

  2. Actually, Ramakant, my interest in painting goes back to my childhood in India, and my fascination with the amazing watercolors of a painter named Arul Raj.

  3. Well that's just not fair !!
    you can paint aswell and I can't even touch my nose with my tongue lol!!!

  4. Like my grandfather used to say, an able person is good at many things. Makes me regret I hardly have any pictures of my paintings. I especially like #6, it has such a cosy feeling to it.

  5. Stella, I've had a chance to see some of your paintings which did make it to your blog, and I must say, I'm impressed. You should try to get some more of them out there.

    1. Thanks a lot, you're very kind. Since I mainly paint portraits (always from life) most models are reluctant to let me post the pictures on the internet for obvious reasons.
      The other day I stumbled upon some old sketches of mine (mostly on tattered scraps of paper), so I'll see if any of them are worth posting. Anyway, I've been working on a portrait for a while now, hope I'll finish it any time soon and get the permission to upload the picture.

  6. Oh wow, Drachma! Your artwork is simply stunning. What an incredibly talented man you are. Seriously impressive!