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Friday, April 20, 2012

But what did it feel like?

When we go on trips to exotic places, we're often asked, "what was it like?" Well, without my photos, I'm usually at a loss to explain. And I think I know why. What the people are asking is actually, "what did it feel like?" And even though I can be rather descriptive, I can never quite explain just how it felt without sharing "what did it look like?" These pictures are a case in point. They are all from our second trip to Alaska/Yukon, and are all taken with my "second" camera. Picture number 1 is from our boat, as we sailed the peaceful waters toward Alaska. Picture number 2 is from Ketchikan, almost deserted at 6:00 AM (you'll notice it's quite light out). Picture number 3 is a late evening shot of the waters of the Inside Passage. Pictures 4, 5 and 6 are from our excursion inland to Yukon, as is picture number 7 (one of my favorites). And picture number 8 is something of a summary of just what it felt like to be right there, next to one of the glaciers in College Fjord.


  1. Photos helps relive old memories. Beautiful selection of pictures, some of these are simply breathtaking.

  2. I especially loved ##5,6,7 and 8, although they are all amazing. You have a perfect eye for landscapes, and you masterly captured that icy, placid feel of Alaskan scenery.

  3. Well, thanks for you comments. And the atmosphere is just what I was hoping to show - that somehow still, but intense beauty that is Alaska.
    Next time, it will be a very different atmosphere - India.