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Friday, May 6, 2011

A walk in the Forest, Part One

I just felt like taking a walk in the forest after this week, and its big city stresses, so here are some of my favorite forest scenes, part one.


  1. I love these images of truly wild nature...

  2. Wow, I wish I lived near enough to a forest as beautiful as that for my weekly strolls. Love those moss-covered rocks in the stream.

  3. So do I Diego. That's why I have photographs. These were actually taken in Costa Rica, a country like no other, and one I've been to only twice (so far). I'm going to Canada this year (the Canadian Rockies), and I'm taking my camera(s).

  4. There's nothing better than a walk in the forest to escape the noisy life and stress of the city.
    I would love too to have such a place near home I can refresh and contemplate the beauty of nature in silence. Photos are helping, looking at them, it is like I am walking in the cold water between the rocks. I can even feel it!