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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Travelogue, Part Two (this one with people)

OK, in this travelogue, I do have pictures of people. These are some of the shots I took in India, and while in India, the people are a very large part of the 'scenery.' The first shot is a busy outdoor market on the streets of New Delhi. The second is much more for the tourists, and features a shop selling numerous hand-knotted carpets of unimaginable intricacy and beauty. The third features the tomb of multiple dead Muslim persons of royalty (notice, no live people in this shot). The next shot features a couple of very lively persons on the street in Jaipur. The next one is a bit personal and features my lovely wife, enjoying the scenery from our bus. And the last one is a family of street people, cleaning up after supper in Jaipur.


  1. I like the one with the guy between the rugs. Looks like he's charmed them into standing upright!

  2. You know. I thought of that, too, but I thought it was just me.

  3. Well its not just you, its just me too (pun intended).

    I feel at home with this lot. :)

    And, your wife is lovely!

  4. Colourful & beautiful - brings me back to my friends stories. I really like your people photos too!

  5. Well, Im so glad you liked the pictures. I know that certain trips are taken for the scenery, whereas others are taken for the more human touches. This trip was taken for the latter.

  6. See, though I dislike posed photography (with people) I have no problem and actually enjoy this type of more candid photography. Because whenever you're in a populous environment, the people will always form part of what gives the place its charm. Great shots, I especially love the color and vibrancy of the market.