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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Travelogue, Part Three (more people and things)

OK, at the risk of boring you, I thought that I'd continue my theme of travelogue. This one, of course was through northern India, a 'hot spot' of tourism. But this one is a bit different. The first picture is of some happy-go-lucky folks on a common method of transport through the crowded city streets of Jaipur. The next picture is very 'touristy,' in that it displays one of the entertainers of Rajastan, who was nothing less than the Michael Jackson of Rajastan, oh well. The third picture shows a mother and her less than thrilled child at the temple of Lakshmi in Jaipur - quite a contrast. The next picture is of the famous Amber Fort outside Jaipur, which, of course includes the elephants. And the last does not require any explanation, except that it is not the typical viewpoint, to see the Taj.


  1. Never boring Drachma - I always travel trough your photos. It's a great pleasure.

  2. Very picturesque shots. The Amber Fort especially appeals to me since it has the feel of time travel to the past.

  3. Yes, it was hard to decide which shot to put up, but I chose the one that I did, because I thought that that it captured the essential features and feel of the Amber Fort the best.
    And thanks for your comments.