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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Longing and remembering

Now why this collection? It is not an example of terrific photos, nor is it exemplary technique, neither are the photos from one of the magical places that I've been. This collection is mainly to demonstrate that the majority of photos that we take are to preserve certain feelings, certain longings that we have, and wish to remember. Photo number 1 was taken from a rather uneventful trip to Cape Cod, but it captures that certain something that was evanescent, which vanished with the afternoon sunshine. Photos number 2 & 3 represent how I felt about a vacation which we took as a family, to Beaver Lake, in Arkansas, and the special feelings that we brought back with us. Photo number 4 is simply of our pond, but taken on one of those perfect days, late in springtime, with that magical feel in the air and that special smell. And photo number 5 is simply a photo of a painting that I did, as a composite memory of our fabulous trip to Costa Rica, forever in our hearts.


  1. Spot on, as usual. It's all about sentimental affection towards certain sensations or reminiscences, and therefore things or places that bring the memories of such feelings back. In other words, it's about emotional recompense.
    I especially love #1 and the pond because of the feeling of quiescence they evoke.

    1. It's been another hectic week, and I thought to myself that I really needed to post something simple.