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Saturday, March 9, 2013

City of facades

My wife and I recently watched a movie, set in Jaipur, India, called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was a marvelous movie, with wonderful acting, but I noticed something while watching the movie, that I also noticed while we were in Jaipur - the whole city is full of facades. Some of the facades are good, and exemplify keeping the best appearances on the best within the city, while others - well, not so good. Now photo number 1 is of one of the more modern temples, and it overlooks the city, and it presents a facade which conveys the feeling that within one can find peace. However, photos 2 - 5 are from the Amber Fort, where the facade indicates not the peace within, but rather the silence bought with power. Photo number 2 is from the Palace of Mirrors, in which were kept the maharajah's wives and concubines, who were kept silent and under wraps. Photos 3 and 4 are of the elaborate facade, behind which were the wives, who were not allowed out, and not allowed to be seen, but could see out the little window, at the activities outside. Photo number 5 is of the mighty gate into the Amber Fort, which kept the world outside at bay. And there is the photo number 6, which is the palace of winds, and is just that - a facade, behind which were kept the women of the powerful rulers, who could see the festivities in the streets below. But there is no real palace behind the facade, nor has there ever been. Interesting.


  1. What an incisive insight into slavery camouflaged with beautiful wrapping.