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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nosebleeds from hell, and other disasters

I'm back from another conference/vacation. And this one was also affected by nosebleeds from hell. I had been having nosebleeds, about every other day for two weeks - made worse by the fact that I take Coumadin (otherwise known as rat poison - you can ask me later why). Anyway the worst of these nosebleeds occurred the morning we were supposed to leave. In any event, my wife is now rather reluctant to leave the country for fear of my "having the big one" while in some foreign country. Well, that's a subject for later. Upon returning, I did dig out my old pictures of the time in Canada when I really had a major epistaxis, and I found some rather wonderful photos that I'd never shared with you all. So, here goes: #1 Waterton Lake, in Alberta, close to Glacier National Park in Montana. #2 The convergence of Upper Waterton Lake with Waterton lake (reportedly 800 feet deep). #3 Just somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. #4 Two of the Ten Peaks, surrounding Moraine Lake. #5, 6, 7 Views of incredible Lake Louise.


  1. Absolutely enchanting landscapes! I especially love the composition in #1, 2, 5, 7, and the mesmerising emerald green water. By the way, I hope you are taking Warfarin, which is an anticoagulant, for something less serious than the risk of thromboembolic event; but since it causes you so many nosebleeds, maybe you should consider switching to natural alternatives, such as Hawthorn or Ginkgo biloba infusions or extracts, to name but few, combined with the right diet. Not that you need my advice, it's just that I hate it when medication produces side effects. I hope you'll be OK soon.

  2. Unfortunately, Stella, I take warfarin, not to prevent or treat any thrombotic event, but because I have an artificial heart valve. Back in 1999, ten years after my original diagnosis of aortic valve insufficiency, I was finally having symptoms, and my left ventricle was enlarging, so I elected to have a valve replacement, and I decided not to make the same mistake as Arnold Schwartzeneggar (getting a porcine valve). So I had a prosthetic valve put in, knowing the risks (including nosebleeds). And so, this comes with the territory. And thanks for your comments.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. At least after the surgery there is no leaking valve any more.

      There is a natural remedy that could help with nosebleeds. I’m sure you’re familiar with it since it’s used in conventional medicine as well — aluminium alum AlK(SO4)2•12H2O.

      I usually apply it to cuts to stop the bleeding (and it even works with bruises). In case you haven’t tried it yet, soak a small piece of cotton wool (US: absorbent cotton) in a concentrated water solution of aluminium alum (you can find it either in organic/natural products shops since it’s used as a deodorant, or in a pharmacy, and even in a hardware store) and insert it into the bleeding nostril(s) for a while.
      It should stop the bleeding pretty fats since alum is a powerful astringent and vasoconstrictor. Hope this helps.

  3. those pictures are absolutely gorgeous !
    hope it's better with the nose bleedings.