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Friday, September 21, 2012

Some contrasts

This, then is a study in contrasts. Mind you these are all taken with the same camera, but from very different parts of our globe. Now the first two photos both say "peace - shalom - or shanti," but represent very different ways to express the same. The first is from Glacier Bay in Alaska, and it is the lone gull which whispers it. And in the second photo, from the Raj Ghat, in New Delhi, where Ghandi, Nehru, Indira Ghandi, and other famous Indians were cremated, it is whispered by the passing tourists and visitors. The third and fourth photos speak of commerce, with the first picture of a lonely boat in the waters off Alaska, and the fourth the hustle of trade in Old Delhi. The fifth and sixth pictures are of people doing what they love - the fifth one is of my granddaughter holding a husky puppy in the Yukon of Canada, while the sixth one is of a rug merchant in Jaipur, who was putting on a show for us visitors, and obviously loving it. And photos seven and eight are of quiet majesty - just two ways of speaking the same thing.


  1. A perfect illustration of how contrasting things can sometimes express the same idea. All photos are lovely, but the fifth one is the cutest.

  2. beautiful pictures and an incredible way to express peace, majesty, people

  3. I'm so glad that both of you "got it." I guess that's partly why I keep doing this sort of thing.