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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yet another trip down memory lane.

I went rummaging again, in my old files, and I thought it time for another nostalgic trip down the memory lane of predigital photography. In that era we had only so much film, and didn't want to waste any of it - so photography was often an art of waiting - for the light to be right, or for the subject to hold still, or to move in certain ways... always something. Anyway, these pictures are from the seventies, and most are taken from trips 'out west.' Photo number 1 is of the pacific ocean, somewhere in California (near Big Sur), as is photo number 3. Photos number 2 and 4 are of sunsets in Arizona, the state with the most magnificent sunsets. Photo number 5 is from Zion National Park, in Utah, looking up at one of the "Apostles." Photo number 6 is from a state park in Tennessee. And photo number 7 is back in Utah, at Bryce Canyon National Park,  looking out at the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir." Photo number 8 is of Olympic National Park, in Washington State, and is taken from a place that is just a 15 - 20 minute drive from the ocean. Photo number 9 is also from Washington State (in June, I might add), and is from Mount Rainier. And finally, number 10, a personal favorite, is from Muir Woods National Monument, and is of a giant sequoia, but I think it maintains its majesty, even close up. Enjoy!


  1. Having come of age in the time of digital photography, I can't make the claim of missing "the good old days" but I do remember the days of film while growing up. "An art of waiting", if only it could still be like that - I suppose we could self-impose, but that's not quite the same.

    In any case, I find 8 and 9 the most striking. That they were taken in summer is even more amazing. What perspective, what shots.

  2. Photo #3 does it for me! That's talent right there, being able to capture birds like that, without any blurring, and the water looks fantastic. Another brilliant post, Drachma, with photos to match. :)

  3. Once again, beautiful pictures, and #3 and #7 are my favourites -- the freedom of seagulls in flight over the ocean, the grandeur of the canyon rocks...

  4. Thanks again for stopping by, all of you. I have been thinking of getting some more of my older photos digitized - and I might just do that.

  5. Wow! Beautiful pictures from the era prior to digital cameras. Lovely collection.

    Arizona has lovely sunsets. But I will always be partial to the sunsets in North Carolina :)