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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Costa Rica, animals as principal actors

Costa Rica is truly an animal lover's paradise. It is easy to just watch out for the animals and let them show their stuff, as in this collection. Now, not all of the creatures are big, bold and wild - some are small, timid and keep out of the way, but they mostly let you take their pictures, because they know they're the stars. As we'll see next session, though, they can also enhance the viewing pleasure by their presence.


  1. I love exotic animals, and wildlife pictures are my favourite branch of photography. You captured so well all theses lovely creatures! I'm pretty sure it took quite some time and patience on your part to snap them. I love the birds, but the alligator and that iguana or gecko or something, are really amazing.

  2. Awesome shots!! Lots of details captured.

  3. Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing these. As an amateur photographer who often visits Costa Rica and with a penchant for nature shots this series encourages me to put more effort into my shots next trip.

  4. Scott, You couldn't ask for a better place than Costa Rica. And I've found that the secret to success, in this digital age, is to take LOTS of pictures.