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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Animals, Part one - India

Well, now, this is something of a different tack for me. We're going to look at photographing animals. First stop is India, where we find animals that mostly interact with people, and so either mimic or seem to silently comment on their human companions. You can almost tell a story with each one of the pictures, especially the 3rd and 6th pictures. And then there is the tale of the two tourists on the elephant ... Ah, well you couldn't NOT ride on one.


  1. Amazing collection of Indian culture. I am having passion to collect plenty of culture. I was roaming half world and i have caught their culture in my Nikon..

  2. From your pictures India is on my list of places to visit. Love the elephants would like to ride one. I wonder if you use a ladder to get on it :)

  3. You don't really, if you're a tourist - they have special places where you can just get on. But the mahouts - they have the elephants sit down, and then they get on.