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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moraine Lake, or just how much beauty can you stand?

All right, I promised, so here it is. We next took off toward Moraine Lake, in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. There are a few places that I've visited that can really take your breath away, and this is one of those places. The scenery was absolutely incredible. The first photo is one of the mountain peaks along the way. The next picture is the beginning of our rock climb toward the lake. The next three are from up on the top of our rock ridge, looking across that cold lake toward those majestic peaks. And the last photo is from down at lake level. Enjoy.


  1. Amazing! These pictures look like postcards, especially the one with logs and boulders. Excellent work!

  2. Beautiful pictures.I love the lake it looks so enchanted. ♥

    I like that it is surrounded by nature and not by buildings.

  3. Thanks for your comments, and I do think that the lake is enchanted.

  4. Wow...more stunning pictures. Looking at your pictures motivate me to venture out and explore many of the known and unknown locales in India.