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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maligne Canyon

Our next excursion, to Maligne Canyon, and Maligne Falls, actually began with searching for elk around our cabins at the Athabasca River. Though some were able to see some elk, I was not able to capture any of them. So I'll just let the mountain signify that event. Well, Maligne Canyon and Falls turned out to be splendid, though not in the majestic way that some of the sights we had seen were. It was a reminder of all the quiet woodlands that form the base of the truly spectacular mountains.


  1. The canyon looks like a very narrow cut in the mountains. Are you out with a group of photographers?

  2. Breathtaking! I wonder if there's a footpath to the bottom of the canyon. I especially love the last one -- it has an air of mystery to it.

  3. Ramakant, No, I was with a tour group of which I was one of the de facto photographers. And yes, that canyon was a very narrow gorge, caused by the fact that the rock it was carved from was mostly limestone, as opposed to other canyons (such as the Athabasa), which are carved out of granite.

    Stella, yes there is a path down to the bottom, quite a scary path.

  4. So this is what it looks like minus snow! I went there but didn't take any photos because it looked no different from every other snow-covered bit of landscape. Your photos are gorgeous, as always, Drachma. :)