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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Continuing on...

I've decided this time to  create something of a theme - namely wildlife. So, here are some example of wildlife, both flora and fauna, which we encountered on our trip to Alaska.
Now this first photo is of whales - humpback whales, who happened to be "bubble net feeding." This is an elaborate ritual with humpbacks, during which the whales form a circular arrangement well below the surface of the water, and as they rise, they each blow a stream of bubbles, which has the effect of trapping the (usually) herring within their net of bubbles, and then, before they reach the water's surface they vocalize suddenly, which paralyzes the fish, and makes an easy meal of them, both for the whales and the waiting seagulls at the water's surface. Fascinating behavior!

This next picture is actually a repeat of a photo taken during our first trip to Alaska, and which has been turned into one of my paintings, which is in our bedroom. The wildlife here you can't actually see, but you know they're there. Namely the salmon, which come up the river every other year at this time to spawn. Now you'll have to take my word for it - they're there, even if you can't see them.
With this next photo, I'm cheating a bit. First of all, it is not actually in Alaska, but in Victoria, BC, where we stopped. You know about Butchert Gardens, but this picture is actually taken in one of their city parks, open year-round and available to everyone. And the other reason I'm cheating is that the flowers and shrubs are not strictly indigenous, but still...
And this last photo - anyone's guess as to what it is, and why I've included it in this set of pictures?


  1. Splendid as usual, as for the last photo, my guess is the choice has to do with the seals swimming around the floe. Either that, or because it’s a bird’s eye view of the floe that besides looks like a swimming white bear.

    1. Actually, your first guess was right, Stella. Though you have to use your imagination, there were sea otters around the pice of ice (below, and to the right, which were much more visible in the previous picture (not shown), but that wasn't near as mysterious a photo.