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Saturday, December 7, 2013

From the footpaths, a different perspective

This is a bit of different kind of travelogue for me. Our last full day in Zion Canyon was essentially up to us, so my wife and I filled it up on foot, hiking the easy and some not so easy trails that meander through Zion Canyon. The Virgin River had recently receded from flooding rains, and the whole place was thoroughly alive.
All this walking around was invigorating, yet somewhat humbling, too, as if we were treading somewhere on the planet where we could bring back memories, if we could just catch enough of the sights and colors to make us remember the sounds and smells of a most magnificent trip. Enjoy!


  1. Amazing shots! One of those places where you feel detached from everything, alone with the nature, but not lonely.

    1. Quite right! You do feel "removed" from your everyday life, yet more "in touch" with nature and her rhythms.