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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just some end of the year musings

As we get ready to end 2012, I just picked out some of my photos to share. Though there was originally no real theme to my selection, I found that I actually did pick out pictures with a common thought. I would ask if you can figure it out, and then in this new year, I'll tell you what my own thoughts were. Anyway, have a grand new year!


  1. Lovely collection. At a quick glance my first impression was that all these pictures convey peacefulness, the feeling of eternity, things that never change..., but I'll give it a further thought.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Actually, Stella, you were very close. I picked out the photos to show beauty that transcends our notion of time. The first and last images are of places where beauty is just there, and seems to be nearly eternal. The second picture, of a woman crafting a magnificent rug, by hand, while sitting on the ground, making friends with my wife speaks to me of something eternal. The third photo, of the woman and child, hardly needs any exposition. The next one, of the boy, leading the camels, is a bit tougher, but to me represents grace an beauty in the ordinary doings of life. And the last two, taken within hours of each other, to me, tell of the incredible beauty all around that is our gift...

    1. I was indeed very close, at least we both used the word eternity...
      And the last picture is like an ode to the everlasting beauty of Nature.