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Thursday, May 17, 2012

India, part three - this is what it really felt like.



Well, here is is, my third collection of photos from our India trip. The first photo is of a sadhu, or holy man, just walking about, wanting his picture taken (for a small fee). The next one is of a textile worker, a true craftsman, with the work of his hands gracing the homes of persons much more affluent. Photo number 3 is a picture of my lovely wife, enjoying our amazing bus ride. The Fourth photo is taken in a big city hospital (in Jaipur), with the woman and her daughter sitting by, calmly awaiting their turn to be seen. Photo number 5 is from one of our rest stops, and there is just something about it... Photo number 6 is taken from our bus, and expresses the incredible enthusiasm and joy of youth. Photo number 7 is of the beautiful temple of Lakshmi in Jaipur, and even though it is not of great photographic quality, I think it expresses well the feeling at sunset, of the quiet dignity around that house of worship. Photos 8 - 10 are from the Amber Fort near Jaipur. the first is of the main entryway, with its elephants, and unmistakable color. The second one is of the Palace of Mirrors (for the maharani), and the third one in the set is the maharani's somewhat censored view of her surroundings. Photos number 11 and 12 are of markets, and catch some of the true feeling of the open markets in the city of Jaipur. Photo 13 is of a woman by the side of the road, and speaks of her true dignity and grace. Photo number 14 is of yet another rest stop/restaurant, on the way to Agra, and captures the quietness and beauty of that unexpected place. And I don't need to tell you much about photo number 15, except that it is taken at sunrise. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful set of pics. Did you get to go inside the Palace of Mirrors?

  2. We certainly did, Alex. But the whole thing felt like a museum - like we were there looking at the remains of someone's life.

  3. India is probably one of the few countries that still preserve their unique personality and flavour, and you captured it with great skill. Your pictures have a film-frame feel about them. #10 makes you think of a golden cage, #12 is vivd and colourful, and #15 is just a fairy tale, but they are all amazing.

  4. Yes, Stella, India does retain its individualistic character, which is so deep and so variegated, that no simple photographic tour could do it justice. Having grown up in India (many moons ago), my own cultural biases have been deeply affected by it.

  5. Beautiful set of pictures. Nicely balanced between people photography and capturing historical monuments.

  6. Thank you all for your comments - and I'm glad that you liked the photographs.

  7. Drachma, I'm here to write "wow" again! India is one of the most intriguing countries I've been to and your photos are simply brilliant. Thank you!