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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Green, with envy

Well, I've spent the past few months cooped up in Oklahoma City, with its grey, brown and lifeless foliage, wishing I were someplace greener. So here it is, some greenery. Picture No. 1 is actually from Alaska, which has a brief, but intense season of green. Pictures 2 - 8 are from Costa Rica, one of the greatest and greenest places on the planet. Picture No. 2 is from the cloud forest of Poas Volcano. Picture No. 3 is from a roadside cafe, with a spectacular garden, in which we find this wonderful Passion Fruit Flower. Picture No. 4 is of a giant almond tree, growing on the banks of Rio California. Picture No. 5 is one of the cabins we stayed in, that even felt green. Pictures No. 6  and No. 7 are the ultimate green experience, walking in the forest, surrounding the volcano Arenal. Picture No. 8 is also from one of the roadside cafes, with a garden, but what this magnificent flower is, I have no earthly idea. And finally, picture No. 9 is our own yard, and if I can just wait a couple of months, and if we get some rain...


  1. Lots of fabulous's refreshing and calming. I have to say your yard is pretty amazing too!

  2. It's very, very dry and brown where I am right now. This makes me want to go somewhere green!

  3. If you haven't guessed, green is one of my favorite colors and I just love these shots! Your yard is indeed amazing but something about number 6 makes me want to adventure...

  4. Beautiful shots! It is the dry season here in Guanacaste right now so it is very brown until the rainy season comes. However next week we will take some visitors up to the Arenal area so they can see how beautiful the rainforest can be.

    I'm hoping to get some good shots when we go.

  5. Ah, well I seem to have touched a common chord with these shots. And Scott, I'm just a bit jealous. I've got to find a way to go back to Costa Rica in the near future.

  6. Beautiful shots!! 6 and 7 reminds me of some of the peaks in India, the tops covered by clouds.

  7. These shots are WOW! A couple of years ago I sold a landscape of mine in oil very similar to your #1 picture: it's one of these pristine and pure places where your soul is really at ease. I love Costa Rica, the flowers, the cabin and the rest are spectacular. As for your yard, I'm green with envy!