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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Vote, Part Four - or another India

All right, now that you're used to this quiz, I'm going to really turn up the difficulty a notch, and ask you the same question - to pick your own favorite three from among these. All these are clearly from India, and some are scenic, some architectural, but mostly they are of the people, which might just make things more difficult.


  1. Hey thanks, guys for voting. You actually are helping in my project. And as a prize, you folks can get a copy of my first ever book, recently published, but not yet released - personally signed by yours truly. You may send me your snail mail address to my email address,which is:

    For details on the writing and publishing of the book, you can see my other blog:

  2. It's fun participating in the project. And as an added attraction, I get to see some superb photographs. But I will be sure to drop in a mail.

  3. Oh wow, Drachma, thank you so much! As soon as I get a fixed address I will email it to you. What a generous reward for doing something that is, to my mind, an absolute pleasure. I love looking at your photos and having the chance to vote on them is a super-fun bonus. :)