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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mountains and mood

As many of you know, I am in love with mountains, and have been since I was little. It really doesn't matter what type of mountain, there is just something about them. So many of my pictures are of mountains, but what is about them? Something so grand, so mysterious, so quiet - they're like nothing else in our earth. It's more than their scenic quality (though that's what first attracts one to them) - it's that they represent something out there that is not quite achievable - that they're bigger, more majestic, more ancient than anything.


  1. Beautiful, Drachma. Have you ever been inclined to go mountain climbing?

  2. Drachma, I too share your love of mountains. Its my dream to have a cabin on the mountains and sip coffee every morning overlooking the beauty and majesty of nature. But as you correctly said, there is something about the mountains that seems unattainable, a mystery, a sheer majesty.

    Beautiful pics as always!

  3. @Vee - I've done some climbing when I was younger, though not with ropes, gear, etc. Just climbing, and those memories stick with me.

    @Maggie - That's why I keep coming back for more.

  4. Great pictures The last one is magic. Love the mountains too and we got some great ones here in nz

  5. As a child, I used to hike in the mountains a lot, yet I'd rather not live in mountain area if I can help it -- high mountains make me feel stifled. Since I'm a sea person I prefer hilly areas at the seaside, which doesn't mean I don't admire the beauty and grandeur of mountains. I love the cabin, it looks so snug, and the last one with the lake presents an enchanting scenery.