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Monday, September 12, 2011

Guess where we've been

Well, we came back last night, from an adventurous vacation. It actually was not going to be too adventurous, but I got the "nosebleed from hell," and we were waylaid for two days, as I gradually got my strength back after losing a liter of blood, and discovering the available medical care in rural Canada.
Anyway, we're happy to be back.
See if you can guess the location of these photographs - some of the hints I dropped before taking off can get you there.


  1. These pictures are really amazing! They look like fairytale landscapes!

  2. Heaven? Cause it sure looks like it!

  3. Actually, the pictures are from the Canadian Rockies, but Heaven is not at all a bad guess. Interestingly, the old Canadian 20 Dollar bill had a picture on it not unlike the first one.

  4. I think you went to heaven or to to a fairytale land. I agree with Stella and Libby.

    Beautiful just can't describe the photo's. Awesome pictures and good to see you're back :)

  5. Your sure this place exists. I would agree with the ladies, it looks like fairyland!

    It's amazing how many beautiful places we have yet to discover - Your photos are just catching perfectly a moment in eternity, like if clocks stopped for a couple of hours so we can enjoy calm and peace.

  6. Its paradise! The first pic looks very similar to a slide I once saw in my viewmaster when I was a little girl and could never forget it. In fact, that place has come back to me several times in my dreams.