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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Say what? Some more people pictures.

In today's post, I've included some of my quirky, slightly off beat people pictures from our India trip. In the first picture, we find a somewhat 'ordinary' woman by the side of the road, alive with all the dignity in the world. The second picture is of a merchant, caught in a moment of private meditation. The next picture could be taken almost anywhere in the world - a very cosmopolitan outing, with two ladies and their young one. The next two are my 'tourist shots' in which we are entertaining the other tourists. And lastly - well, I really don't know what to say other than the look on the young lady's face says it all.


  1. Very amazing photos in very amazing places..

  2. Lovely shots. Well caught scenes of life (and India is always picturesque and exotic). I especially like the first two pictures, because people aren't posing. That's what I always seek when I paint portraits -- to catch the models "off-guard".

  3. The first one is amazing. Your words describe perfectly the sensation I had when looking at the photo.

  4. I love all the pics, especially the first two. I sort of identify myself as the lady in the third pic pushing the pram. :)

  5. Maggie, if I'd only known, I would have come over and maybe we could have had some sort of conversation ;)
    You know something along the lines of: Namaste. Marathi bolta ka?
    i think that I've forgotten all the other Marathi that was my first language.