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Thursday, April 21, 2011

There might be more to this story...

These are examples of what I like to call unfinished business. They represent the start of a story. In the first one we have the trees and clouds, telling us that something is happening down below, but what it is remains a guess. In the second one, the water, in its stillness, tells of the mysterious mountains and threatening weather to come. The third picture tells us that there is a story beneath that marble slab, just below the surface, a life cut short. In the fourth picture, the empty chair, with the hose, the stillness, the evening...


  1. Very insightful. Every scene of life is actually unfinished, there was something before and after it, it's just a link in an eternal chain.

  2. Drachma,you continue to stimulate me through your pictures. You do not know it, but you have given me the perfect muse for another story. Thank you.

  3. There is just something about this blue chair that I enjoy so much.

  4. And me, too. you wouldn't think that a plastic, blue chair, late in the afternoon, would have any sort of appeal, but there it was.