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Monday, November 1, 2010

Contrasting old and new elements in the India of today.

These photos represent the ancient and modern India. The first is an example of craftsmanship that is really ancient (over 1000 years old), found in the Qtub Minar complex. The second needs no explanation. The third is architecture from hundreds of years ago, built for the rulers, and their minions.


  1. beautiful pictures ! It indeed shows very good the contrast you can find in India, this is one of the things that makes this country so interesting.

  2. Freya, I had a chance to look at your blog on Costa Rica, and, if you look at some of my older photos, Costa Rica is right there near the top of my favorite places (including many of the places you visited). Anyway, it was most enjoyable seeing your photos from one of my own favorite places.